My insta account

My insta account - student project

Hey hey!


What a nice class! Great examples, great dynamic, right to the point! Thank you for sharing all those info with us!

And I have to say that I really loved how cohesive your insta account and this presentation are.


I'm trying to engage more with my followers and you gave us great tips. I guess I need to show more about the process of my art, where I get my inspirations from. I am posting some time lapses on IGTV, but I feel that nobody is watching over there... So I guess that I need to change strategy, right?

The most difficult part for me is to post different things (as my daily routine, inspirations, sketches, as of course the final pieces) and still have a really cohesive feed.


Here is my account. It would mean a lot if you gave me some feedback.

Thank you,


Lettering artist in the spare time