My first welcome email as part of a sequence

My first welcome email as part of a sequence - student project

Hey Ramon, here's an email I just wrote after watching your KILLER email course. Thanks btw man


Welcome Email Class Project


Instructions: "File > Make A Copy" of this document. Type your welcome email into this document. Then share the link to it or download and share it as RTF or PDF file.


Before You Begin:

(1) Watch the video training,

(2) Complete the Focusing Questionnaire, 




My Welcome Email


From Line: Kopano Thabethe

Subject Line: Welcome Aboard The Kopano Express


Hey Lindo


Congrats on signing up for the Profit Hunter Masterclass. You’ve just taken the first step into changing your future. 




Let’s get started on your real estate journey. 


Here’s what to expect:


Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, I’ll send you an email to help you kickstart your real estate journey


From the tips, tools, AND little-known secrets other realtors are gatekeeping. You’ll get it all, right at your fingertips!!


We understand that the whole process gets complicated


That’s why…


We’ll be guiding you with everything from lead generation, 


To prospecting,


Cold outreach and many more


While you eagerly wait for the next email on your way,


How about grabbing a free copy of the latest market trends in your area?


Yes, I want my Market Trends Guide


And if you have any questions. Feel free to reply to this email. Our inbox is always open.


Happy hunting



P.S. If you want to get ahead of the other realtors A.K.A your competitors, feel free to check out your Hunter market trends guide


And the link too