My first skirt ever!

My first skirt ever! - student project

My name is Ksenija. My whole life I was interested in making things, among everything, my clothes. But I never actually learned how to sew and my life took me another direction.

Recently I decided to do something about things that I love. I got sewing machine for my birthday, learned how to sew basic stitches here on Skillshare and after making two tote bags I found this class. Thank you so much for being good teacher, and for this amazing project. After some obstacles I made it. My first skirt ever! And I am so happy with final result.

I also made it with 3 panels, and at first I thought it was too long, but after hand sewing the hem, decided that I actually liked it longer, so I ripped the seam and made it longer, ending with machine sewn hem, but still happy.

I am really looking forward to some new classes soon :)

Thank you!