My first graphic designs

My first graphic designs - student project

I had just finished this project and showed my friend, when she told me about this class and the competition. I’ll share it now without making changes but I’ve enjoyed and learned quite a bit in this class that I will try to incorporate in this design later. 

I am not a graphic designer, I am the actual business owner. Due to Corona I’ve had to do most things myself because I had to shut my brick and mortar Woolshop. I went digital and spent a lot of time learning new skills. I come from a design background but this is my first try in graphic design. 

My corporate identity needed a fresh look. I started using canva but got ‘trigger happy’ and wasn’t consistent. After figuring out what a brandboard was I took a quick lesson and got to work. I had however been thinking a lot about this and I have been following Andy J. Pizza’s course to find my own style and used a lot from that to make this my own. 

I had my logo to start off with, and a dirty mint and dark brown coffee colour. No typefont, nothing else. 

As My brand is all about craft and handmade items I drew over the original logo to make it look handdrawn. Then I placed the coloured circles off centre to mimic a wonky silkscreen print. I chose a handwritten font for larger case use on social media and web ads and banners and a font that complements the logo (look at the lower case ‘a’) I made my mint colour look a bit more sophisticated and my yellow a little tangy, got rid of the dark brown and added a blush/peach for current style and two pastels, one in wool colour and one in light pink (because that goes well with black and makes me think of rock and roll). Then I swapped the dark brown font for a ln easier to use and more edgy black.


the colours reflect nature vs urban life and are aimed at a thirty something woman that wants to live a conscious lifestyle without things getting too beige and burlap. 

I would love some feedback on this. I plan to add more structure and photo’s that are useful these are mainly there to show a style. 

Thank you so much for this course. I love your teaching style and plan to take your other courses too as I discovered I quite like doing this. 

Best Wishes,



Below is the original logo and the original colours, I designed the update above.