My first Vector pieces!

My first Vector pieces! - student project


For my 1st time ever using and discovering AD, I use a reference lineart I created in a past Skillshare class (Soft Portrait with Procreate by Cecile Yadro). I vectorized the original lineart with Adobe Capture. I added a Clipboard for the final backgroung of the piece in AD.

I also vectorized a stylized signature and saved it as an asset so I can use in future illustrations.

My first Vector pieces! - image 1 - student projectMy first Vector pieces! - image 2 - student project 

Cactus Pot

For my 2nd attempt, I created a simple flat illustration following the steps of the class again.

My first Vector pieces! - image 3 - student project My first Vector pieces! - image 4 - student project 


My 3rd project was very tedious, and I feel a bit more messy. I had to “recolor” or go over some shapes many times.

My first Vector pieces! - image 5 - student project My first Vector pieces! - image 6 - student project 

So thankful for Liz to offer such quality classes. I had just downloaded Affinity Designer, and was able to hop in right away and discover the basics of the app while creating projects.

I will practice some more the basics of this class and then move on to Liz’s Repeat Pattern on AD next.

Hoping you will create more classes for Procreate/Affinity Designer soon!