My character: Celeste

My character: Celeste - student project

Question #1: What does your hero want?

Her family back together.

• What makes your hero get up in the morning?

Hope. No matter how hard and miserable things might be, she never lets go of hope.

• What is his heart’s deepest desire, conscious or otherwise?

She wants her family back.

• What does he think he wants? What does he actually want?

She thinks she wants to fit in. She thinks she wants to stay safe where she is. But in her heart she knows that she only wants to be back with her family.

• What tangible goals has he set to achieve them?

She is working as hard as she can to get enough money to buy a ticket to one of the intergalactic ships that can take her home.

• Is his goal possible?

While it seems more like a dream than a reality, she believes that she can, some way or another, succeed.

• How can we relate to his goal?

All of us love our families and all of us want to never let them go, so we can understand her desire to go back to her loved ones.

• Why do we want him to succeed?

We want her to succeed because she deserves her family back, especially since she was forcibly taken away from them.

Question #2: How does your hero need to change?

Because if she does not, she might have big trouble achieving her goal.

• What are your protagonist’s flaws?

She is really naive, she is too trusting, too curious and she refuses to see things the way they are, rather preferring to look at them through pink lenses.

• Which of them will pose the biggest hindrance to his success in attaining his goal?

The fact that she is so naive gets her in a lot of trouble, yet she insists on staying that way.

• Where does his primary flaw come from?

These flaws originate from her childhood. As she was kept away from the real world and protected by her family, she grew up believing that everyone would share the same kindness and love as her parents.

• What are his wounds and backstory?

She lives in a world where interstellar travelling is possible, so billions of new planets are available for people to live on. The new government that watches over the people that live on these planets decided that it would be better if each planet had its own purpose, whether it was as a prison, as a waste deposit, as a center for developing technologies or others. Then, they decided that humans should also be divided by their abilities. So they invented a test to discover people's talents and they started to tear families apart to get them to their new home planets. When Celeste appeared in this world, two daughters were already taken from her parents. So they decided to raise her in secret, away from the world, so they could have at least one of their children grow up in front of their eyes. And she did grow up. She grew up hidden, naive, trusting, with a big smile on her face. But as she grew up, so did her curiosity. She wanted to go out, to explore, to see the world! And one night, she did. But someone saw her and realized she was not from around. So that person called the police in hope that if they denounced this girl, they would get one more piece of bread for their family. The soldiers came and took her. They made her take the test and, unfortunately, she did not belong. So she had to leave. All in all, she does not have a lot of battle wound yet, except for a burning one in her heart.

• How can we relate to his flaw?

We can all be sometimes naive and realize the truth too late, as her.

• Why do we want him to change?

We want her to change because that is the only way that she can succeed in her mission of returning home.

Question #3: Why do we care?

We care because we understand her.

• What does he stand for?

She stands for hope and family.

• How can we relate to him?

We can relate to her through the fact that we all need our loved ones close to make us feel whole and we still hope for the best even when the times seems to dark for the sun to appear.

• What are his quirks, habits and mannerisms?

She takes up every opportunity to help people because she believes in the power of kindness, she loves all animals, she stops to smell the flowers, she believes in happy endings and likes to enjoy the life and freedom that she never had.

• What does he look and sound like?

She is petite and joyous, always with her long, strawberry-colored hair in the wind. She usually wears a smile on her face and flowers in her hair. She likes to wear bright, summery dresses and she has a little sweet voice.

• What makes him unique?

She is unique because in this world where everyone fights for themselves, for their money, for their survival, she still tries and does everything she can to help others, not just herself. Also, she is one of the few who still believe in happy endings.

• Who matters to him most in the world?

Family matters to her most.

• What does he fear?

She is afraid of her being all alone, which is why she is doing all she can to go back to her parents. Also, she fears giving up on hope, which is why she holds on to it with all her strength.

• How does he act in front of his greatest idol?

Her parents are her greatest idols, so she acts warm and loving towards them.

• What makes him cry?

Sad endings, people who stopped to hang on to hope and people that "hit" her with harsh words.

• What makes him laugh?

She likes when she is happy, and she is happy when she notices the beauty in the world.

• If his house was on fire, what’s the one thing he would save?

If something like that would ever happen, she would make sure that her family is safe and that would be enough for her.

• Who cares about him most in the world?

Her parents care about her the most in the world, which is why they wanted to keep her hidden for so long.

Question #4: What are the stakes?

The stakes are more personal than anything else.

• Why is it absolutely necessary for our main character to succeed?

She has to succeed, because the hope for it is the only thing that still keeps her going in this world.

• What terrible thing will happen if he doesn’t get what he wants?

If she does not get what she wants, life will lose color and meaning for her and everything she ever believed in will be crushed.

• What terrible thing will happen if he doesn’t grow in the way he needs?

If she does not grow up during her road back home, people will continue using her for their own selfish purposes and she will not be able to finish her journey.

Question #5: What are the obstacles?

Her biggest obstacle is herself.

• What or who is standing in between him and his goal? (Antagonist)

Her own flaws, her way-too-optimistic attitude about everything and everyone around her and the way the society is built.

• What or who is standing in between him and positive change?

Her own preconceived ideas about the world and the fact that she never had to hide who she is or change the way she acts.

• How can the obstacles between him and his goal act as a catalyst for change?

The fact that she will have to overcome her fears, her enemies and herself on the road will make her become tougher.