My Worst Job Ever

My Worst Job Ever - student project

I've been really looking forward to this class so I jumped on it as soon as I saw it had been released. 

Exercise 1. First I drew my random shapes and filled them with my name. 

Exercise 2. Then I set about filling them in with drawings. I couldn’t settle on a theme so I did a few different attempts. The first was based on volunteering for the recycling crew at Glastonbury Festival. 

Then I did some based on my new hobby of wild swimming (so new that I’ve only been twice so far!).


Then I thought I'll draw loads of birds as I've been out and about lately with my new bird identifying app. 

Then I went a bit more generic and just drew some of my favourite things, such as cycling, sleeping, reading, stretching, dogs and pizza with pineapple. 

Exercise 3. Then I took a selection of shapes from each of the above.

The worst job I ever had was telesales for a timeshare company. It was really stressful and I hated cold-calling people and am a TERRIBLE sales person. The boss wore these fluffy slippers all day and stomped around the office encouraging us to sell more timeshare holidays. Some of the other staff members really excelled and the top dogs walked around as if they were something special. They also got given 'blingy' watches as an incentive.  I lasted all of three days.

And that’s where I’m at currently. Hoping to get back to it next weekend. I’m enjoying it so far, thanks Tom. 

One week later…

I haven’t quite finished yet, but thought I’d update my project. I chose four sketches from ‘my worst job ever’ and have tackled three so far. However, I may go back and add more details or textures, or just finesse them a little more. I’ve run out of time for this weekend though. 

First I tackled the phone operator. This job involved a lot of cold calling. 


Then the ‘top dog’ of salespeople, who thinks he's far superior to everyone else. 

And finally a depiction of what everyone looked like at the end of the day. Tired out!

 Really enjoying the process. Thanks Tom. 

Yay, I found some spare time to finish up my project. 

I realised I’d forgotten to add my final sketches so here they are. 

The last character I tackled was my shoty boss AKA the Sell Sell Guy. I made some changes to the final illustration as he was a bit static and boring, so I thought I’d reduce the words and add in some flailing arms. 

Then, for the final piece, it took some playing around to get the balance of colours and shapes right, so I ended up flipping the dog and changing the boss’s top from blue to brown. 

And that’s about it. Although I may still probably tweak them a little in a few days.  Thanks Tom for yet another fantastic class.