My WIP model - Part 1

My WIP model - Part 1 - student project


Just wanted to show my WIP of modelling/texturing/rigging/animating the skeleton. :)

I had some experience in modelling non organic objects before, but this is my first major organic modelling attempt and certainly my first character model, Lucas Ridleys videos helped a lot on the best techniques to doing this, I learned a lot of new techniques and tricks, thanks a lot! :D

I practiced more on modelling the skull and adding ridges and indentures, I almost did a separate jaw piece but this may conflict with your texturing section so I skipped that for now.

I added a few extra bits here and there, I added some spine vertebrae spurs, and the disc in between each one.
I made the pelvic bone a little closer to a real one (very tricky! lol), added an extra rib.

I got familiar with rendering and tested it with a few shots.

I UV'd the skull and body, and have applied a texture in photoshop that you can see in my latest progress pics.

360 view

spine/shoulder blades


wireframe (I shouldn't have smoothed the ribs so much, oh well)

Practice render

Part 2 here