My Themed Week

My Themed Week - student project

To help you get started, I've decided to complete the project for this class myself.

Below are my themes for each day put on my wall calendar. I worked with the folks at NeuYear to create a Productivityist-branded calendar called The NOW Year Calendar that allows me to see my themes for each day and month at a glance, along with My Three Words for the year. (You'll note that I start my year in September on this calendar, but there's also one available that goes from January to December.)

Seeing these themes in red makes them stand out and gives me an idea of what I should and want to schedule on given days. For example, if someone wants me to attend a luncheon on a Friday, I'll often turn it down because that day's theme is Deep Work. If someone wants me to film something, I'll suggest Wednesdays as the primary option because that is my theme for that day. I like to have this available to me at a glance before I even look at my digital calendar.

(FYI: If you want to order one of these for yourself, click here. There's also a print-at-home PDF version available here.)

I also have a digital version of this that I created in Google Calendar. I use BusyCal on my Mac so that's the image you see below.

I go over how to create a calendar like this at 4:27 of Video #5 (Use Tools to Support Your Habits) but I wanted to address something you'll want to do to make sure these themes stand out at the top of your calendar's all day activity view. The key to doing this is to place an asterisk or special character in front of the name of your themes so that they rise to the top of the order because these events are sorted alphabetically. Once you do this you'll find that no matter what all day events show up on your calendar, they will always fall below your daily theme.

I hope this helps you out and gets you started on creating your themed week. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm here to help!

Productivity Strategist & Productivityist Founder