My Sun Conur

My Sun Conur - student project

Hi Louise,

Pretty happy :) with my effort, new to art & watercolor, not enough time in the day, love, love watercolor, just have to master it now, practise & more practise. Thank you Louise for inspiring me. My favourite part of my Sun Conur is the eye I feel there is a soul looking back at me, my least favourite are the belly feathers ( gave me grief) & mid wings sap green, had a few oops moments & had to lift or cover up a few areas, hence olive green color back of log, learnt heaps though, it is definitely a challenging medium.

Painted on Canson Heritage 300gsm Hot Pressed (very smooth), but it has buckled, Have Arches medium Pressed will try that for buckling next, might have to try stretching,  trying to find the gator board & tape you mentioned without ordering from overseas. More experience before I buy the heavier papers.

Cheers Jo.