My Summer Concoction

My Summer Concoction - student project

I didn't have to venture to a farmer's market.  I just had to go out my back door and into my garden to collect some fresh produce: zucchini, summer squash, sweet bell peppers, green (and purple) beans and okra.

My Summer Concoction - image 1 - student project

In my pantry I have most of the items listed.  I'm missing a dutch oven, but I have a deep cast iron with a lid that I think can be used in the same way.  I'm also lacking a microplane, wine, yogurt and grapeseed oil.  I do have a variety of beans and grains along with nuts.

From my concoction of summer vegetables I decided to follow a similar technique and roast them.  I chopped up the veggies and then tossed them with olive oil and salt.  I kept the different vegetables separated on the baking sheet since I didn't know how long it would take to roast them.

My Summer Concoction - image 2 - student project

The beans and peppers cooked quickly, but the squash and okra took much longer to roast. I cooked up some brown rice in my rice cooker and then heated chickpeas with some pesto (I did look up a recipe for making pesto).

Then I put it all together- rice on the bottom, roasted summer veggies, chickpeas with pesto and some Parmesan on top and garnished with basil.

My Summer Concoction - image 3 - student project

I felt very accomplished and chef-like by making dish.  One thing I would improve on is the timing of the roasted veggies.  By the time the squash was done, the green beans had cooled off.