My Songbird

My Songbird - student project

Hi Amy .........I so love birds, they just put a smile on my face, I love painting them. This little fella is a Marsh Tit. If u google Marsh Tit, Wikipedia have recorded it's beautiful song.   Image reference is from Pixabay. I was going to do your background but I was unsure of where to put the horizon line with my image being so low on paper ( liked it being low) so I thought I'd give my chosen image's  abstract background a go, not knowing if I could pull it off.  I think I've done OK though, multiple layers, with numerous colors. Just tried to pick out colors I could see that I had. I used Burnt Sienna, Aureloin, Cobalt Turquoise, Olive Green & a little of Payne's grey & Phthalo Turquoise. I used masking fluid which I'm not sure if I like because I think is fluffs up the top layer after taking off although it definitely makes the job easier. (not sure whether a good brand makes a difference). I was happy with my sketch (.05 uni pin), will focus better on feet next time, I tried not to overdo the ink, but then my masking fluid took some ink off. :( I was using a dryer in between background layers, do you think this may have lifted ink.  Would probably do on hot pressed next time for bird, instead of Not, it details better & is proving my favorite paper.

I enjoyed the class & haven't definitely learnt new tips & techniques, so thank you & well done.  Look forward to your next class Amy:) 

Cheers Jo