My September challenge

My September challenge - student project

First of all, Happy 2nd anniversary Jessica!!! I started watercolors with Skillshare and my first watercolor illustrations were with your classes, so this makes me a bit sentimental as well. Thank you for your awesome classes and for being such an amazing teacher.

Now to the project, I want to keep growing! So I decided to focus on anatomy, one area at a time. I already completed a 100 hands challenge and it's turn for 100 heads or 30 days of heads. I made it flexible, I want to complete at least one head per day but do more if possible and extra reward myself if I complete 100!

There's a looot of flexibility in this project because life happens and also I rather explore a variety of heads and mediums to draw and paint them and not limit myself. I might end up doing only pencil sketches or just watercolors, who knows?, depends on what I discover along the way.


My September challenge - image 1 - student project


My September challenge - image 2 - student project

I put the description of my challenge in my DIY erasable board! :D I shared a tutorial on IG and my blog. The branches are for filling with flowers or leaves (20 in each pot) so I can see how much of the challenge I have completed. I chose 20 because originally I thought about monthly challenges, excluding weekends.  Anyway, here it is!

My September challenge - image 3 - student project


Thank you Jessica and congratulations!

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