My Remixes

My Remixes - student project

I tried to take Gia’s art and change it to make it more my own.  I’m still discovering my style but I know a few things I like.  I like balance, interplay between letters or play on letters where they almost become something else like the v becoming a heart, and movement/energy.  I like some texture but not too much and enjoy adding line details.  I changed the lettering layout, but kept the feel of movement around the lettering but used hearts and simple shapes instead of florals.  This was a fun exercise and I think I’ll try more to see if my style becomes more clear.  It’s been good to really think more about what specifically I like in others art and my own.  Thanks Gia for the experience.


I decided to also take on the 5 day challenge but I had so much fun I kept going and did more than one in a day. I looked some at Gia’s artwork for inspiration but tried to just go off the text too an see how I would do it. 
Here are my other art pieces. 

Next step will be to do the project audit, but I’d love to know if you see common threads among these pieces that may help me as I define my style. Also I would love to know which is your favorite!