My Productivity Basics Learnings

My Productivity Basics Learnings - student project

What stood out? And what am I trying?

For me the biggest thing that stood out was prioritising what’s important—like, with a time and date and start and end time. I know this helps, but most times I don’t do it. And then it stays on my todo list for ever! So, a year ago I began Bullet Journaling. I write the big stuff I want to down in my Bullet Journal, and move it to Notion at the end of every week. I then review my Notion database every few weeks. Then, when I then select something to do, I add a time and date in my Bullet Journal—in both the month, and week view. This technique has been going really well.

Distraction #1 and #2

What I’ve noticed is that I’m pretty good at avoiding and reducing simpler types of distractions—Instagram, Pinterest, Chess. But the ones that really get me are “opportunities”—things that get sent my way because I’m the founder of TapTapKaboom, and FOMO—missing out on information and news in ALL areas of life. These 2 things bulge up my email inbox. Combined these things distract me like crazy. And they make me feel overwhelmed a lot of the time. Writing it down has helped me realise what distracts me, and what it actually is, andI’ve begun saying NO to a lot more requests and calls and “opportunities”. It’s been a relief. I’ve unsubscribed from so many emails. I’ve responded with so many NOs. And I’ve begun scheduling no-email time (in the mornings).

Distraction #3

Shiny new projects are always going to try distract me. So, I simply write them down, and add them to a big ideas database in Notion. Every few weeks I take a look at the database, and see if anything jumps out again.

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