My Own Little Tote Bag

My Own Little Tote Bag - student project

Holaaa! I'm Natalia from Costa Rica and here's my project!:


First, here are the little tests I made with each lesson; I used an old shirt I had for these!:



For the final project, I wanted to make something simple that would give confidence to continue on my sewing journey, so I went with a nice simple tote bag!

I found this channel on YouTube called "DIY Today's Sewing and Embroidery" that has a lot of cool begginner friendly sewing projects, here's one of the videos I followed:


I found an old illustration I made for a screenprinting class, I had enough fabric to turn it into a nice tote bag and here it is!


I used a french seam to make it:


My bf added a little hook for the keys:


Here's where the straps connect:


Here's the bottom of the bag:


Thanks for the class! I learned a lot and really enjoyed the process, I hope you teach a pattern making class soon!