My Motivation!

My Motivation! - student project

Im going to 4-chan this project, hold on tight!

> 27 year old female from Ontario, Canada
> worked in office roles for 8-ish years, unhappy and unhealthy
> February 2023 gave up on corporate life to pursue the trades
> June - September completed a Collision Repair program
> currently a registered apprentice!

I am a nerd with a thirst for knowledge, with an affinity for metalworking. The Venn Diagram obviously points to blacksmithing and forging! 
I am essentially exploring lots of creative avenues involving metal work.
From the molecules of the metal we move to the history and culture of the craft, I want to know it all :) 

I have connected with a small-time local blacksmith, who has offered me use of his shop space to learn and get hands on experience. 
I figured I should do some research and get some more knowledge of the craft before stepping into a shop, and this class has been absolutely perfect. 

Thank you! I look forward to the rest of the lessons!