My Moodboard

My Moodboard - student project

I love the notion that product photography is just the same as any other type of creative photography, just with a non-human subject. I'm planning to shoot my grandma's charm bracelet, which I recently rediscovered during a closet clean out. 

I wasn't super sure about the concept to begin with, so created a mood board like Rachel and Daniel suggested. I really like the muted blue/green color combo, flat lighting, and cutout paper, and plan to play around with something similar as I style and shoot the bracelet.

My Moodboard - image 1 - student project

I have a Polaroid camera, and think shooting on that could be a cool way to enhance the vintage flair of the bracelet. I'll come back and share my photos as soon as they're done!

Obreanna McReynolds

Director, Original Content @ Skillshare