My Life OS

My Life OS - student project

Thank you for this helpful class! I had heard of Notion before but never really understood the fuss about it. Your course made me realize the advantages of the tool and how it can be helpful in my own life. 

After watching the class I disappeared in a wormhole of further Youtube videos about Notion and learned a lot about the ways other people use it. This was interesting - and also a little overwhelming. But your class helped me to understand what the others where talking about. 

The Life OS that I started with your class changed a lot during that time. This is how it looks a week after I completed your class. And I suppose it will keep changing when I optimize my system.

Some explanation for my Life OS: 

  • I decided to use my Vision Board as a cover (in the mobile version of the page I get a bigger look at it). 
  • I posted 3 pictures on my Life OS showing me the most important parts of my Notion (Life, Work and Projects). I created them with Canva. And I think it just looks nicer this way. 
  • You can also see a time plan for the day, a shopping list, a meal list, current to dos, important upcoming dates, some quick links and a space for other notes (Memo).  

The most important qualities of Notion for me (so far):

  • It helps me to organize my ideas, notes and projects and to keep track of my tasks
  • I really appreciate that I can create my own templates for my daily journaling questions and for work projects


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