My Inspiration Website

My Inspiration Website - student project

This is my inspo site - The Brand Stylist. 

My observations

- Structure: When you first arrive at the website it's easy to see how to navigate with the menu options on the top left that you can click straight onto, without having to go to a Menu tab. The options on the top right are for the 'contact/blog' side of things, so this clean separation between website pages is helpful for finding your way around.

- Colour scheme: This site has such a bright and clear colour scheme. It's very refreshing to look at and the images feel inspiring and uplifting, the neutral background and clean text let the images shine without detracting. 

- Layout: The layout gives the impression that it's a simple and easy site to navigate. You can either scroll down the home page to immediately find out what the sites about and reach some key links such as the Blog and Online Courses. Or you can use the menu on the top of the home page. It is a clever way to create a site that feels clear without being overwhelming, considering the amount of great content there is on the site! 

Conclusion: For me the ease of navigation around the website is something I would like to take inspiration from and bring into my own site, the fewer times a viewer has to click to reach a blog post/resource/gallery the better! 

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