My Happy Place Pattern

My Happy Place Pattern - student project

As I am designing my happy place pattern, I want to focus on my favorite activity: drinking my morning cup of tea outside, in my garden. This is by far the most enjoyable moment of my day! Nothing compares to that first cup of freshly brewed tea, at the break of dawn. I take my morning rounds between my flowers, I literally smell the roses, I cut the spent blooms and rejoice at the sight of new buds.

In regards to color, I had something specific in mind. I want to convey serenity, peace and nature, so I chose hues of blue, teal, pinks and whites.


I created coordinated patterns and brought to life my designs through the use of mock-ups.


I see my "Happy Place" patterns more suitable on kitchen textiles and utensils.




Happy pattern making!

Quirky Daniela

Daniela ⚘ Usurelu

Quirky Sewing | Surface Pattern Design