My Habit-Tracking System

My Habit-Tracking System - student project


I have been an avid follower of Thomas' way of geeking out school work and college since 10th grade. I have followed his tips, techniques, and hacks to get the most out of high school and college. The problem is that I had trouble sticking to my routines and goals — constantly derailing from my commitment.

I am currently a freshmen college student. For the past months, I have realized that I have to be more committed to my prior goals if I want to succeed in college and still have time to have fun. I began following this course on the 8th of March after realizing that I am caught up by burnout that seems to never go away. So, I spared extra time to just commit to following this course. But, I have made a few revisions for myself.

Here is what I have made so far:


1. Impossible List

It took me quite some time to finish this part because I kinda have a lot of interests. Prioritizing goals is a hefty kind of job. 


2. External System (Habitica and Beeminder)

I actually used Habitica for a year during my junior year in high school — consistently — until summer hit me. Then, I never looked back using this app. After thinking about it, I realized that I needed more push than only using a soft system like this.

After two years of not using this app, I reset my Habits and Dailies and left with this one. I guess my prior system got a little bit too complex, which made me quit using Habitica.



As an added layer of threat for not doing my dailies, I decided to finally use Beeminder.  I never had the guts to use this app as I feel so threatened by its mechanics — until I realized that Beeminder won't actually hurt me if I religiously do my routines. I still did not pledge money yet, but I have "weasleproofed" myself just in case I make a sort of excuse. Anyway, a derail would prompt Beeminder to charge me if I persist in not doing my routines.



3. Anticipating Pain Points

Thomas was right. I failed to do this one. The reason for most of my failures is that I missed identifying the factors that might cause me to derail. By actually writing the pain points, I get to find a remedy on what particular courses of action I need to take to keep myself from derailing.



4. The Martin System of Tracking Habits

Martin is simply a genius! Of course, I did my own minor revisions.


I have been dreading to eat ice cream since last month (one of the constraints if I do not finish this course and upload this project). Finally, I could now get one.

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