My Galaxies

My Galaxies - student project

I really like the 'wet on wet' technique that Ohn Mar thaught us in this class, you never know how the paint will turn out.

My Galaxies - image 1 - student project

My first exercise was really fun, I was a little bit nervous about the masking fluid, I thought the tiny splashes would fail but WOOW! they stay  just in place :D 

My Galaxies - image 2 - student project

I paint my constellation and choose some orange and pink to reflect myself as a joyful person <3 I really like how the contrast of the three main colors turned out and the white details put the piece together. 

My Galaxies - image 3 - student project

I loved my final project, Ohn Mar gives me so much confidence about mixing techniques and most of all, confidence about my mistakes, how to embrace them and make the most out of it <3 Thank you Ohn Mar for sharing sooo much with us, I really appreciate it <3  I enjoyed the process so much!

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xoxo Julia.

My Galaxies - image 4 - student project