My Father, My Friend

My Father, My Friend - student project

This shot of my dad was taken at the Slaughter Creek Campground on the Upper Missouri River in Montana. It was the last night of our 4 day trip, and everyone was feeling the cumulative effort of paddling our canoes along the fairly slow-running river.

The boys (my sons and a friend) were still messing around in the water, and my attention had been focused on the evening light changing in the river canyon. Turning back to camp, his melancholy pose caught my eye and I was suddenly struck with a sense of extreme gratitude for him—for his introducing me to the outdoors, for his patience and kindness with me (his only son), for the opportunity to spend time with him in such a unique place, as well as having my sons, his oldest grandchildren, be able to create wild memories with him.  And so, I clicked the shutter.

That sense of gratitude and thankfulness in and for the moment still hits me when I see this image. 

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