My Creative life

My Creative life - student project



I am a practicing textile designer wanting to transition into illustration so this course  has been so brilliant.

I love colour and texture and I mainly work in watercolour with handmade printed paper collaged areas,  and working on vignettes rather than big scenes.

Things that inspire me are the colours of Marrakech, the architecture and lifestyle of Paris and the feel of the British Cornish coast. I would prefer to paint the elements of a Paris market rather than the whole scene. I need to work on my people drawing skills favouring painting objects or small still life pieces. I try to keep the work simple but with a colour pop.

I really want to feel excited again about the work I produce. As a textile designer I have to work to a brief in various styles and crave working on a few chosen styles. I am happy to paint most things and am happy and welcome a challenge.

My dream is to contribute more fully to my family financially doing something I have a real passion and pride in.


Your honest approach to this course has been brilliant Ohn Mar, thank you for your time reviewing my board.