My Blog move from blogger to my own webspace with Wordpress

My Blog move from blogger to my own webspace with Wordpress - student project

I am blogging about cooking over 9 years now. Sometimes with more energy and sometimes with less. My Hubby is so proud about it, so I continued with writing, even if I had no desire to do it.

I am a romance writer, but I am in a sabbatical this year (2019). Writing a book is so time consuming, that I needed some time to breath and collect new experiences. So I busied me with some art projects combiened with computer games.

But I missed to write about cooking. Furthermore a huge german company seems to believe, that I am with my cooking blog a micro-influencer. (I have not so many follower - it is a hobby project.) They are sending me products for testing several times a year.

Blogger is comfy like an old cardigan, but the stepchild of Google. I wanted a form for my recipes and an attractive place for my product reviews. But I feared the work to install Wordpress until I discovered the course from Brad Merrill and viewing some of the episodes to try the course. That was my breakthrough and now I am a proud owner of my new cooking blog with wordpress.

"Kochen mit Carmen" meens "cooking with carmen". And "Beschwipstes Kochen" meens "tipsy cooking". We are cooking german cuisine with international influence (fusion cooking). I am looking forward to fill the blog with exiting content.

Want a peek? This is the link: