My 3 goals

My 3 goals - student project

After a few years of putting my creativity aside, Maja's class inspired me to make a plan for 2021 to be more creative. It made me think about my core values in life and how to incorporate them in my life to live my best life and make actionable steps to reach my goals. 

My core values are:

1. Creativity. I like to create often, I like to feel creative, creativity fulfills me, makes me a better human. 

2. Family. I love to spend time with my family, work at home, to be available to my kids, spend time with them in nature.  

3. Nature. Sustainable living, enviroment friendly, love for the nature, our planet, animals... 

My 3 goals for this year are:

1. Start a creative routine to create lots of work. Actionable step is to start 100days challenge, creating every day. To keep myself accountable invite my daughter and some of my creative friends to start with me. 

2. Post my art on my Instagram @studioninocka account regularly (2-3days a week at least). Actionable step: during 100 Day challenge post daily in stories. 

3. Create 100 patterns /artworks with a list of companies I would like to work with in the future. Pitch my artwork to 3 of them and see what happens. 

I would like to thank Maja for this class and for her reminder on Instagram to post my project here. I needed a little push to write all this and start to make things happen. 

You can find me on Instagram at @studioninocka to see what I am up to.






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