My 100 Day Project 2019

My 100 Day Project 2019 - student project

I love doing this exercise. And I'm amazed by how it changes each time I do it. During the past few months I've been thinking a lot about what I love doing and what I'm good at and how to mix them together.

The thing that jumped out at me during this exercise, which I filmed, was how much I focused on Illustrating. It seems to be something I really want to do more of. And it screams to be done—above the noise of all the stuff I “should” do. And perhaps collate it into a book when I'm done.

So for this 2019 100 Day Project I'm going to be illustrating web characters. I love characters and want to bring them into as much of what I do as possible. And for the first 26 days I'll be using the alphabet as my guide—creating something web-related beginning with A, B, C, and so on. So I'll be illustrating Annie Anchor, Mr. Bradly Bold, etc. Follow my journey on Instagram or Dribbble.

And this will tie in with wanting to make creating websites and learning to code more approachable and fun. And hopefully I'll begin to build a bigger reputation as someone who teaches web stuff in this way :)



I have self-published a book! It’s called 100 Web Characters—and it all stemmed from my 2019 100 Day Project. When I started, I was planning on putting the characters up online, but after the 100 days I decided to hand-write each of the stories and make a book out of it! Why!? Because I absolutely loved the project! Coming up with the stories and illustrating the characters in Procreate was a blast. And I wanted them to exist in real life for people to experience on a coffee table, or as a bedtime story.

I put a lot of love and time into making this book—I even became a yellow-belt ninja at InDesign and learned how to self-publish :) I used Ingram Spark for self-publishing, and am using Gumroad to sell the books.

Here are a few links to check out:

– The hardcover book on Gumroad.

– Purchase the eBook on Gumroad.

– The project on Bト塗ance.

– The project on TapTapKaboom.


Here’s the promo video I made:

Doing a daily illustration and writing a short story for 100 days lead to something much bigger, and I now have a new love for children’s stories, books, writing, and characters.

Here are a few of the characters:


And here are a few book mockups:

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