Mustago - Find great places to visit

Mustago - Find great places to visit - student project

Here's my project. It's location based suggestion app. The app detects where user is and makes suggestions for dining, places to watch, coffee places and any other unique offerings, all according to the recommendations from other users who’ve been there already. 

All suggestions are supplemented by the important information (entrance fee, business hours, etc) and some photos from actual visitors.
If it’s a dining place, user can also book the table. If it’s a coffee shop, user can order from the app in advance to avoid line.

It’s not for regular tourists that seek ‘the most famous’ landmarks like the statue of the liberty, but for the hidden gem seekers.

User Personas:

Each persona has different usage goal, thus leading to a slight different journey map for each one. 

User Journey Maps:

Journey map for Akshay Puranik - This user will find other location first and search for some interesting things to do, without knowing exactly where to go or what to do.

Journey map for Alexander Gilbert - He is in the city and he needs the place where he can quickly finds and do some work.

Journey map for Linda Martin - She not only needs to find the fancy restaurant but also to book the table for this evening to make sure they get a table by the time they arrive without waiting (it's NYC so better prepare early).


Sketches are done in the app called 'Noteshelf' from iPad. It's great app for sketching and jotting down some idea but I'd try different way next time... 


This is pretty much it! It was really great experience and I'm looking forward to taking this further to more finished design. 

Any feedback is welcome!

UI/UX designer