Movie base

Movie base - student project

Hi Kalob thanks for the course. I believe this to be the best there is to intermediate react. I've learned alot from you, especially the hooks we've used useState() and useHistory() useEffect() though we didn't cover all of them. I built your course entirely but I said to my self , I can do better, hence I've decided to rebuild the entire course with my own design and implementation. Some differences from your project are:

  1.  I've stripped bootstrap out of the project and used entirely CSS, 
  2.  I've hooked movie details to an onHover event instead of a button for asthmatics, 
  3.  I've destructive response details  instead of accessing it with "dot"(res.item) notation. I think this is cleaner to hookup response details to the movie card and so much more.

I've not implemented components like hero , and the rest but still working on the project Here is the working version so fur.

Link: movie base


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