Morning Stillness

Morning Stillness - student project

As soon as I dropped my kids off at school, the fog began to creep across the road. I felt a gentle nudge that signaled a 'moment' was about to happen. Fog, early morning light....I couldn't wait to find magic. I didn't have my big camera but my iPhone has proven to be quite the trusty companion. I pulled off the road, framed up my shot but knew an element was missing. I attempted two more stops along the roadside. Each stop yielded ho hum results. I began thinking about my cup of coffee waiting for me at home. Maybe today was not about finding magic. There have been many days when I've headed home but I decided to keep searching. Less than a minute down the road I stumbled upon this scene. I would have never imagined a fisherman, fog and still waters. Magic. Today, I'm thankful for nudges.