Morning Rituals

Morning Rituals - student project

I dont work and so don't have a commute but I do have a pretty steady morning ritual. I wake up make a smoothie and green tea for breakfast or have a cup of joe. While I am eating I like to read either what is going on in the world or from what ever book I happen to be into at the moment. After that I do yoga. 

I stopped to think about why I started drinking smoothies for breakfast, and doing yoga every morning instead of at night? I wondered why I even started yoga as an exercise program to begin with? I asked myself these questions and triggered memories as to why I choose yoga 3 years ago.


Yoga  helps relax me and helps me to center myself. It strengthens my muscle and allows me time to relfect on the things I need to do that day or on the positive things in life. It allows me to focus on positive energy rather than negative and lets me start my day on a positive foot. That is why I started practicing yoga in the mornings.

As for the smoothies, which usually consist of bananas, cocnut water and acia powder, I just wanted a healthier llighter way to start my mornings than coffee and some type of baked good. It became a way for me to wean mysefl off coffee, which I was completely addicted to, and feel healthier throug hout the day. I have always loved green tea and the smooth fresh flavor.

 I guess we become so accustomed to doing certain things that we forget the reason why we do them, or why we do them in a certain order. Its nice to stop and remind ourselves why, and open our minds up to new ways of perceiving the world that we may just been passing by in.