More brushstroke practice with gouache and markers

More brushstroke practice with gouache and markers - student project

More brushstroke practice with my gouache and Copic markers. Am learning so much about simplicity and composition in Anna's class. While I've tried different techniques (including my Apple Pencil and Procreate), I always come back to traditional tools - my #1 watercolor brush,  very inexpensive gouache paints....and sometimes a few Copic markers.  You can never really replace a real brush in your hands !

Next step is to finally start working on the that I've refined my cat. 






Some practice with #1 brush and gouache paints. I didn't have a match stick to make berries so I used an old stylus...the results are pretty good. I encourage everyone to take Anna's class. Folklore style is beautiful when you learn control with your brush strokes. I'm still practicing before I give Photoshop a try :)  Thank you Anna for a wonderful class.