Moon of my Life, My Sun and Stars

Moon of my Life, My Sun and Stars - student project

It took me a little while to decide on what to write for this! I have pages upon pages covered in words--names, places, quotes, nonsense words, and more-- and I couldn't just pick a few of them to put together. I've been re-watching Game of Thrones lately, and these quotes (well, names that two lovers call each other) stuck in my mind. 

I probably wrote these words dozens of times apiece to play around with the style a bit. I've realized throughout the past few days of practicing calligraphy that I gravitate toward loopy, uneven, and unslanted letters. While ALL of my technique could use a lot of work, I definitely need to work on my printed letters-- while I have good printed handwriting with a regular pen, the dip pen is a whole other story.

I decided to whip up a couple simple watercolor backgrounds to tie the two quotes together, since I like the idea of displaying them side by side.

Once I'm more comfortable with my calligraphy, I'm definitely taking a class in digitizing my work...this was a little rough, haha. Nonetheless, I'm pleased with the end result!