Monstera Project

Monstera Project - student project

The Monstera is probably one of the most recognizable tropical plant. Its large leaves that sometimes look like swiss cheese because of the holes make it such an interesting subject to paint. Using your observation, sketching, color mixing, and basic watercolor skills, you're going to create a unique work of art!

If you're on Instagram, please tag me (@ThingsUnseenDesigns), and use #WatercolorWithTUD! I love to feature my students and their work!

I'd also love to hear any issues you may have had with layering or any questions you may have. Feel free to ask within this class "Ask a Question" portion, or within your project. 

Try painting this and then digitizing it (in my other Skillshare class!) to print it on cards, mugs, decals, and more.

Thanks, and see you in class!

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