Modern Folklore Magic

Modern Folklore Magic - student project

A great project for Inktober!:) If you're interested to learn more about INKs here is my class which covers a-a-a-ll  inky topics.

I’ve started with a warm-up and practised basic lines and swirls (I do this every time – it’s so relaxing)Modern Folklore Magic - image 1 - student project

After getting more confident and serious (just kidding, it’s all about expressing yourself) I started working on floral leaves and decided to add some red accents. Messy chaos full of paints, but it’s the exciting part too.

Modern Folklore Magic - image 2 - student project

Painting berries are one of my favourite things. Especially when using “secret invention” made of match and sponge. Ashberries are cheerful, comfortable to paint and can be combined with beautiful compositions.

Modern Folklore Magic - image 3 - student project

Used some of berries elements in Firebird design)

Modern Folklore Magic - image 4 - student project


This Khokhloma style repeat pattern is also created from scanned berries lined drawing.


Modern Folklore Magic - image 5 - student project


Time for the most exciting part. Nesting dolls (Matryoshkas) are so beautiful and diverse. I love when the color pops up, so I used complementary contrasts. After coloring our friend in Photoshop, I used her as a postcard adding some folklore design elements.


Modern Folklore Magic - image 6 - student project



Modern Folklore Magic - image 7 - student project


Thanks for watching and hope you’ll enjoy folklore as much as I do!

Anna Sokolova

Berlin-based Artist

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