Modern Floral Art Deco Pattern

Modern Floral Art Deco Pattern - student project

Hi creative friends!

Thank you for joining my class "Design an Art Deco Pattern in Illustrator" and I hope you fellow surface pattern designers and enthusiasts have enjoyed it and found it useful, informative and fun!

When I start a project, I first collect inspiration by saving images to my Pinterest board. This process gets me in the mood of creating, it keeps me focused on a certain artistic direction and it's definitely fun! Most of the times, I even print my moodboard and hang it in my craft room.

I created the pattern for this class as a coordinate for my "Grandma's Vases" pattern collection, highlighting antique vases, poppies, buds, lavender and greneery. 

I like to work with clean vector shapes and I struggle to create powerful patterns by using simple shapes, appropriate color palettes and good flow and composition. Most of the time, I will start designing a pattern collection from rough sketches (maybe even detailed sketches), but I will build my patterns digitally. I keep my drawing and painting skills purely for recreation purposes. :)

I selected key elements from my hero pattern and I have build the motif for my streamlined, highly symmetrical Art Deco inspired pattern. I used the pattern tool to massage the motif positioning and overlapping the motif to create the look I was going for. 

Once you build your pattern or pattern collection, the uses are endless: you can have them printed on fabric, wallpaper or gift wrap on services like Spoonflower, for both personal use or for sell. You can open shop on various other PODs, such as Society6 or Redbubble and you can have customers purchase custom apparel, home decor, kids products and so on! And of course, use the pattern created during this class to build or enrich your pattern portfolio!


PS: special thanks for the inspiration and being part of my mood board to:

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Happy making,

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