Modern Accessories for Cool Girls

Modern Accessories for Cool Girls - student project

For a long time, I thought I had an idea on my brand personality. This course helped me disassociate "brand" from "product". I want people to identify with a feeling, then that feeling should be complimented by a product. Got it!

My paragraph ended up being:

TL Yarn Crafts is an Ohio-based fiber arts studio for the modern, cool girl - a collection of crochet accessories, patterns, and maker gifts to inspire thoughtful creativity and compliment effortless style.

These principals are going to be so helpful in marketing my new Skillshare class. Take a peek --> Modern Crochet: Create the Perfect Puff Stitch Beanie!

Here are my worksheets (Thanks for those, by the way! So helpful!)

Modern Crochet Design for the Adventurous Beginner