Misty Forest

Misty Forest  - student project

A misty vibe from the Sussex countryside for you.

Pouring with rain, poor visibility, and so cold your fingers hurt… but the colours and the drama certainly made up for it. I learned so much from this project: brave the elements, experiment, and get soaking wet :) 

Thanks for a great brief Christian.

If anyone is curious, these shots were taken in the Ashdown Forest in Sussex, UK.

Up high - there was nothing nearby to climb safely, so hopefully the fact that I was wet through by this point is adventurous enough! (literally, hair stuck to forehead) 

Down low - I really enjoyed capturing this shot because the beads of water looked like gems glinting in the undergrowth - nature is stunning.

With yourself - Everything was so alive around me and I couldn’t resist running my fingers through the bracken. A good reminder to get my hands dirty once in a while.

With a tool - I was really pleased with this shot because it’s the only one where you can actually tell it’s raining from the droplets on the screen and also the slight lines in the air. What I loved the most was the rusty orange colour of the bracken that is really emphasised through the screen.