Miss Printables social media plan SAMPLE PROJECT

Miss Printables social media plan SAMPLE PROJECT - student project


This is a sample project showing you what you could upload as part of your project steps... Follow as many steps as you can to eventually create your social media plan. 

Share some of your social media pages and links:

FACEBOOK PAGE click here

TWITTER LINK click here

Why not share with us what hashtags you regularly use for your business? I use #twittersisters #crafthour #womaninbusiness #branding #typography quite regularly


Share one of your ideas for a post or link that you could share on pinterest...


Take one photo that sums up you and your brand!! think about the subject matter, colour palette and how you treat it. 


Share at least one idea of how you could use video for your business... you might have to get creative here! maybe your fellow students and I can help...

For me and my Miss Printables shop I could upload video of me making the food packaging boxes above and speed it up. Or show how you can get creative with the blank template boxes. 


Share a link to your blog - here's mine! 


Share 2 publications or magazines that you would love your business to be featured in. And then start building a relationship with them. 

For me I would love to be featured in a UK parenting magazine called Gurgle with some of my products from the Miss Printables shop. 


This is the step we are working towards - to create your social media and marketing plan. Writing it out over the course of a week will help you focus and keep track. Remember to adapt, as you find out what's working and what's not. 


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