Miss Frizzle in Posca!

Miss Frizzle in Posca! - student project

Hey y'all! I hope you decide to make some Posca art with me in this class! For my project, I decided to go with this week's #MightCouldDrawToday theme of Teachers (since it's Teacher Appreciation week)!

The first pop-culture teacher that popped into my mind is perhaps the best ever—Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus

So I decided to draw her in Posca! Miss Frizzle is known for her fabulous dresses, and while I was looking for references and inspiration, I found this dress she wore while exploring light. What a great dress to play with the bright colors of Posca!

Once I gathered my reference images, I drew out the base of my illustration with a pale pink Posca. Then I filled in all the colors (trying to make smooth, slow strokes while coloring. Then I added my linework with a 1MR blue Posca. 

This was fun to draw, and overall, I'm pretty happy with it! I do wish I had a 1M purple pen as that would have been my first choice for the linework of this piece. I thought about using the dark blue I often do, but I thought that would darken it up too much. Miss Frizzle would probably choose a bright blue over a dark blue too, I presume. :P

Also, as proof that sometimes accidents happen:

The above left is a photo of the colors I used in this illustration (more than usual for me, because of the rainbow!), and on the right is the aftermath of my blob explosion! I was priming my new green pen, and all I did was push the tip down twice—no shaking at all!—and a huge blob came out! I've never had that happen before. And of course, somehow it got everywhere.

Haha, oh well, Posca is all about embracing mistakes, going with the flow, and enjoying the process!

Have fun and I can't wait to see your Posca drawings! :D


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