Miro Mobile

Miro Mobile - student project

Miro's lines make me want to sculpt a wire or metal sculpture with color and movement.

Music:  Armik - Via Veneto, Pancho Sanchez - Beseme Mama, Pasero & Patterson (all Flamenco and Tango, as Miro was Spanish)  and when I need a change of pace I switch to a lot of roudy rock & alternative rock, as his work is fun, loud and a bit roudy.

First set of sketches are from several different paintings.  

I took it to photoshop and combined all the pieces -

I've made a few variations, and I think I like this one - it seems happier and a little more balanced.  My husband pointed out that if you turn it upside down it's a mobile, or how about hanging it off the wall?
Tomorrow we start welding.

Now let's see how the sculpture turns out, and if it ends up being 2-D (like this sketch) or 3-D.

Wish me luck!

ok, here's the first photo of the sculpture in progress.  It had to have an extra leg added because I used light metal rods.  I'm going to work on another one in a different material while I finish this one.  This angle doesn't look great but it's a work in progress.

ok, it took a left turn, but it's getting better, along with my brazing skills.  I have one more day of metal work and then I start adding cloth or paper.  (Still haven't decided, but leaning to opaque) 
This is a big change from the work I've been doing, but it's great as a fun way to stretch into some different shapes and colors.  Thanks, Nicole, and everyone for all the comments.

So here's the sculpture without any color or filled spaces, and I've added a photoshopped image with colors, but it's not quite what I want yet.

As this project will take several weeks to finish (the resin for each section takes 24-48 hours to cure) I decided to try a smaller mobile (thanks, Nicole!) to test the colors.

This is the final result:

Weeping Woman

caning, acrylic paint, resin, Unryu paper, watercolor, monofilament line

22.5 inches wide, 12 inches high