Minneapolis Screen-printed Postcard

Minneapolis Screen-printed Postcard - student project

Nick Misani has always been my lettering hero so, needless to say, I was super excited when he published this class! And on top of that it was all about Art Deco lettering, which I absolutely love!

When the class was published I was in Minneapolis, studying a semester abroad in art school. I already knew I wanted to design my own postcard to send to my family and friends. So this class was absolutely timely! 

Since I was taking a screen printing class, I decided not only to create the design of the postcard, but also to screenprint it myself in the incredibly beautiful printshop that I had available there. 




I started collecting inspiration from the beautiful buildings in the streets of Minneapolis and I was able to find some beautiful Art Deco example.





Using these images as starting points I started sketching and after a while I ended up with a pretty clear idea of what I wanted.


My very first rough sketch


Vector work in progress


Final Vector Design





After finalising the design I moved to the printing phase. I exposed my screen with the postcard design and started experimented with different paper types and with colors.


You can see the postcard design on my screen

Testing colors, ink flood and line quality before moving forward to the actual printing. I absolutely loved the effect of metallic inks on both white and black paper so I went with them!








What you favourite color combination? :)


Thank you so much Nick for all the amazing information you provided!


Maria Chiara

Lettering Artist and Surface Designer