Minimalist Fashion Piece w/Jewellery

Minimalist Fashion Piece w/Jewellery - student project

** Updated to edit: Just noticed that the cover image for this course has a version of the same model drawn from what looks like the same reference image. Great minds think alike!


I had such a fantastic time following this tutorial! I was super hesitant at first because I do NOT attempt faces out of fear of how challenging they seem. Well, after watching the mini sessions that discuss general face layout and those tips for placing eyes and nose etc. I found that actually it wasn't so scary after all.


My final piece ended up still reflecting a lot more of my personal style (thinner lines, quite delicate, slightly less abstract in that I kept more lines than Jessie prefers etc.) but I still picked up a heap in this class. Mainly not over-drawing the nose and eyes, and keeping things quite simple with the hair as well (usually I would be attempting/failing to draw all the strands).


I tried to make sure that I kept it from looking flat by using different opacities for the hair, freckles and facial lines, and also by adding watercolour cutout for the lips and the textured earrings.

I also enjoyed the freedom to be inspired by my reference image, while not copying it 100%.

My illustration was done on the iPad Pro w/Apple pencil. I used Procreate.