Meta-Me Productivity

Meta-Me Productivity - student project

I was terribly out of sync. Procrastination and negligence were consistent points of concern for me. That was until I started impulsive note taking. Regardless of where I am going for what I am doing. I will jot, type or draw my ideas down when they come to me. In the beginning, I would carry a small journal to catalog my thoughts. However, I proved to draw inspirations that were inopportune. So, I started using unconventional means. If my phone was dead, I would ask to use someone elses. I would call my phone and leave a voice mail or send myself a text. I started taking notes on things around me. Once I was settled at home, I would compile all of the days notes. It has greatly helped my productivity. I rarely, if ever, let things slip through the cracks now. I am always equipped with a writing utensil and unrelenting bravery.