Measuring & Proportion Assignments

Measuring & Proportion Assignments - student project

Hello! This course has really been challenging for me and i have learnt a lot. I really feel like it's getting easier every time i make a new project! Here are some pictures of the assignments. :) (Sorry for the image quality, they seemed to get darker as soon as they were uploaded on to this site)








I was struggling a bit when i started making a "proportinal box" around the object. I felt like I lost the sense of 3D.






It's really challenging to make rounded forms in the right proportion and also symmetric!




These later ones i am really proud of! But sure, they're far from perfect.

Anyway, thank you for this course Brent, please let me know if you can spot anything particular that i need to practise more on.

See you in the next course wich will be "Contours"! :D