Master Studies: Lisa Congdon, Edward Gorey

Master Studies: Lisa Congdon, Edward Gorey - student project

I started by combining two assignments-- the sundae and the master studies. I chose Lisa Congdon and Edward Gorey as my "masters" but instead of recreating their art, I decided to make the sundae in their style. 

Borrowing from Lisa Congdon, I used bright colors, flowing shapes as well as repeated triangles and parallel lines. I used a textured outline for all the elements. I also added text that looked handwritten and had an uneven, distorted quality. 

Edward Gorey was harder to "get." I tried! I used shades of gray, repeated lines, suggestion of the macabre, and a sort of "cloud of doom" effect in the background. I think my piece looks busy compared to Gorey's work, but it turned out better than I thought it would. 



Inspired by this Lisa Congdon piece:



Inspired by this Gorey piece:


Tried recreating the image by Gorey above. The challenging part was that his lines were so fine and delicate. You can easily see how my version has less detail. The mustache on my version looks like a solid shape.

My next attempt was to make the tart in Gorey's style and using his signature neutral colors. This time, I was careful to be more subtle. I played with opacity to get variations of the same color, since he works with a very limited palette. 


Finally, I made this piece below for fun-- self-explanatory!


For the slice of cake, I played with using just 1 watercolor brush and as many fineliner (texture) brushes as I could cram into the image. I like how it turned out!


Here are my experiments with the "Cookies and Milk" assignment. I did one in the manner of Ronald Searle and another one like Burton Morris. 



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