Map Drawing III - Icons and Labels

Map Drawing III - Icons and Labels - student project

Starting with map from lesson II.

In this class I learned to put icons and labels on my map from class I and II. The lessons exeeded my expecations, couse the Icons are not only dots and circles, but full blown handdrawn icons with tiny houses and castles. Once again a fun class and very good explanations by Daniel. Looking forward to part IV.


Step I - Creating the Icos.
Thanks to Daniels instructions I found a nice and clean way to make my icons. Once again, the small size of my map was a hindrance. But I am sure with a bit of practising (or a bit more) my icons could like as good as Daniels. It was a great lesson!


Step 2 - Creating a hierarchy for fontstyles and placing the lables

Daniel explained the rules for placing the lables und had a great example for a good looking and (more important) understandable hierarchy for font size and styles. I strayed a bit, but not much.
Placement was unexpected difficult in some areas.


Step 3 - Making the labels readable. This was an easy lesson as it was all about applying 1 or 2 layereffects to the names. I made a quick check in greyscale (placing black layer with layerstyle "saturation" on top of it all) to see, if contrasts are okay and readable.


Step 4- Fixed a type. Addjusted contrasts and switched back to color mode.
So this is my final map for class IV with Daniel. Looking forward to the final coloring lesson.

Always learning. Artist from Germany