Magnolia springs in a vase

Magnolia springs in a vase - student project

Stage 1:

I am in absolute love with magnolias and they do not grow where I live. So I did take someone else's photos, they are, however, free stock photos, CC0 - free for personal and commercial use. I will be using the flower from the second photo. From the 1st photo I will just observe the way magnolia branches grow, curve and bloom in general. I will be drawing them in a vase and the vase will be imaginary ))) Skipping the exercises this time. 

If anyone else want to find some free stock photos for their painting reference I can recommend Pexels and KaboomPics  


Stage 2

Here is a quick illustration sketch I did, just to plan for the composition. I also had a pensil sketch on watercolor paper, but I was so excited to start painting on top of it I forgot to take a snap of it. I am almost done and should be able to upload a stage 3 soon. 

-------------Stage 3 watercolor