Madame Bovary cat

Madame Bovary cat - student project


Thank you for the class! I think it's very useful and I could put into practice some important things, specially the way to find inspiration by looking around and taking some photos, sketching without seeing other illustrations... I used to get stuck in this process and this way I think it will be easier for me from now on! Thanks!!

I have a young cat called Bovary (like Flaubert's novel) and she's my little girl!!!! I loved her so much!! As I have lots of photos of her, I used them as a source of inspiration. Then I drew with pencil differents cats and I quickly found my style of cat. 
For my final work, I used ink markers and Copic ciao markers to colour the drawing. 

I hope you like my cat! Looking forward to enrolling "cute animals with watercolor" class! 

Thank you!!!

Illustrator from Barcelona